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Best Educational Group in Punjab, India

Young Scholars Group

Young Scholars Group is one of the most renowned and well-known names in the field of Education, to impart Quality Education in the Malwa Belt of Punjab since its establishment in 1975. Having 4 institutions under its aegis, YS imparts quality education that addresses both academic and co-curricular facets of a learner’s life. To facilitate this process YS offers a wide range of co-curricular programs including sports, fine arts and performing arts, special interest clubs, and various service opportunities; all this in addition to a robust academic program. YS believes in a dynamic learning environment and is passionately committed to “educating the whole child.”

YS Orgnaisation

At YS, we believe that the success of a school depends upon the number of smiles generated per day. Our effort is to provide students with such a joyous environment that a student loves to come to school.

Communication and Expressions

Happiness is the freedom to say, hear & express! At YS, we give students the freedom to speak along with a command of language so that they do not feel shy. We teach them communication skills that helps them be a better and effective communicator in later years.

Smart Education, Smarter kids

Designed keeping in focus the left and right brain growth of a child in this phase, a lot of activities are kept on a daily schedule that helps the students in gaining confidence in their motor coordination.